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That's Me


My name is Koen De Gussem. 

I am an illustrator living in Belgium, with a background in the animation industry, also active as an Art Director Animation in video agencies.

I love creating a scenario around a concept, that feels a bit awkward and even disturbing, without going too dark or cynic.

Creating a visual that tells a story, but not showing things too literally.  Giving the viewer a chance to fill in a certain story or phantasy in the context.

character walking in floating arrows

Let's Talk 

Have a great concept for a poster, print, article, ...?

I am here for illustration,editorial work, murals, concept, graphic design.


mouths eating mouths

Clients and Collaborations

Zeno, DeMorgen, BBC Science Focus, OurMedia, Knack, DPG Media, Roularta, Rotary, ACV, The Fat Lady, Vlaamse Overheid, Mortierbrigade, Leiestreek,, Madlib, Blu, Fatlip, Oliver Bonhomme, Evert Vanhoucke, DOK Brewery

bbc science focus
dpg media
Academia Press
Vlaamse overheid
The Fat Lady
Ourmedia ltd
Roularta Media
Dok Brewing
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